A Free Resource for Teachers

We created this program for educators to give and receive rewards during the school year in the spirit of hard work and play. Teachers receive free food and students receive FREE $5 game card coupons that make being a true scholar worth all the trouble! As a member of Reward My Students, you’ll have access to an unlimited supply of student rewards and — did we mention the free food, already?

VIP Teacher Buffet Pass

You’re entitled to one free pass each month to access our unlimited 150+ item food and drink buffet. The pass can be used from August through April and will be hole punched each time you visit.

Parent/Caregiver Letter

The last thing you need are parents or caregivers calling in, asking all kinds of questions. This letter explains the who, what, when, where, why, and how so that you don’t have to. Incredible.

Student Coupons

You will have access to student coupons that recognize your friends for a variety of achievements, which they can redeem for $5 in game play credit at your local Incredible Pizza.

Informational Flyer

The flyer provides an overview of the RMS program along with information about booking field trips at Incredible Pizza. Feel free to share this with your colleagues!

By the way...field trips!

With a single entrance & exit,  an alcohol-free environment, and knowledgeable staff, you and your class will be sure to have an unforgettable field trip that parents or caregivers will be pleased to hear about at the end of the day.  Planning field trips is one of our specialties. Just like in teaching, we honor the needs of individuals — that means we’ll customize your packages according to your budget!